Friday, June 13, 2008

School of Rock

My husband is a tireless worker. In addition to his teaching and coaching and athletic directing and weightroom supervising, he comes home and specializes in maintenance, landscaping, farming, and remodeling. The past few weeks he has come home from an 11-hour day at school to put in another 4-5 hours of yard work. And when I say yard work, I don't mean lawn mowing and hedge trimming. I'm talking rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. BIG rocks. Like this:

These rocks are like 2 feet squarish. I can't even budge them. (I can't budge ones that are half this size.)
Mark worked for 6 summers as a landscaper during his college/early teaching years, and he is wonderfully talented in this department. See that cobblestone patio? He did that over the last weekend in May. 3000 pavers or so. He's crazy man.

Here's the view from our kitchen/family room looking north. (See that barnboard arbor and gazebo in the back? Mark made those, too. Am I bragging up my man? Yes.)

Here are a few more shots of the past few weeks' handiwork...

Mark had a vision for this back yard 5 years ago when we moved here. I can't take credit for any of it. (My job is to keep the kids out of the way when he's working-)
Mark is MY rock!


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