Monday, May 19, 2008

A Boy and His Heroes

If you ask Cy who his heroes are, his first answer will be Dad. Second will be Jesus. Excellent choices for a little boy! After that, he may say Superman, Indiana Jones, or Luke Skywalker, depending on the mood he's in. (Feeling strong and able to overcome obstacles? Man of Steel. Feeling adventurous & loving history? Indy. Feeling like a light saber? May the Force be with you.)
At any rate, for the sake of posterity I thought I would document the last 3 1/2 years of Cy's strong need to be a super hero. I must apologize to those gender-neutral parenting types out there because this post is probably coming off pretty macho. Believe me; we encourage our son to embrace all sides of his being (with 4 sisters, it's hard not to don a fluffy frou-frou once in awhile). The thing is--this is who Cy is. He IS his heroes. He envisions them, makes up stories about them, writes about them, draws them, acts out movies about them, and applies their principles of right & wrong to his life.
Good stuff.

Trying to be like Jesus, our #1 hero! VBS 2007

Indiana Jones on a letterboxing hunt, age 7 1/2

Shark Boy (Lava Girl not pictured) age 7

Three years into the Superman obsession. Often signs his name "SuperCy", age 7

Dad's future linebacker. Go Chieftains!!

Favre Forever!! Age 6 1/2

He-man or The Thing Fantastic 4 guy, age 6 1/2

Batman & catgirls age 6 1/2

Superman (with Supergirl) age 6

Spidey age 5

Sportacus age 5


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