Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pickin a Lick in Platteville

My sister bought us 2 tickets to hear Art Stevenson and his Highwater Band play at the university the other night. The show was called "Bluegrass Christmas", and what a fun time it was!

The band hails from the Babcock, Wisconsin area and consists of Art on the guitar and harmonica, his wife Stephanie on string bass, Dale Reichert on the mandolin, and Bruce King on banjo and Dobro. Art said this was the first time they'd ever "picked a lick" in Platteville, but that they had purchased Stephanie's bass from the town several years ago. "She's home", as he said!

It was hard not to get up and dance when they started playing everything from "Forty Pigs" to "Blue Christmas". My date for the night was Paige Elizabeth, who thoroughly enjoyed the concert as much as I did. Here we are getting ready to head out. Photo taken by twin sister Shae, who thankfully enough was not interested in going!

The one other child interested in attending the show with me was of course Wynne, who finally settled into the idea of watching a Christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate at home. Not to be outdone, Wynne had to take a picture of us, as well.

Okay, back to the show. I hadn't been in the Center for the Arts in several years, and it always takes me back to my college days when I spent a good majority of my time there, either in shows or working on my theatre minor. If tickets weren't so darn expensive to most events, I would get in there more often. We had box seats right up next to the stage, pretty sweet!

Aside from the wonderful Christmas music, Highwater played a number of toe-tapping numbers that transported me to the South or Appalachia. Art played a crazy-good harmonica on "Old Joe Clark" and when they did a number by the Osmonds, I felt like I was riding the General Lee with the Duke boys. I especially loved their gospel tunes and am now on a mission to find the music for "God Ain't Dead" (He's still alive...I can feel Him in my hands...I can feel Him in my feet...I can feel Him everywhere!")
The musicians were absolutely outstanding. If you've ever attempted a string instrument (or harmonica) before, you can appreciate how intricate and quick the fingerings were. On the way home, Paige said, "they have a gift".

Well said, honey!

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. --1 Peter 4:10


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