Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy! Happy! Birthday! Birthday!

zAt 2 o'clock in the morning seven years ago, these little girls took their place in our family. (To be consistent, Paige is on the left and Shae is on the right. Paige, after all, came first by one minute. She never lets you forget that she's the oldest!)

Happy Birthday, Paige Elizabeth and Shae Isabel!!!!

We had 9 little girls over to our house (not counting our own!) on Saturday for a doll party.
As you know from previous posts, our three oldest girls have 18-inch dolls which they love to dress up and play why not have a doll party to celebrate the twins' birthday? I sat down with Shae and Paige, and here is what we planned (in Shae's writing):

We did everything on there except "wands" and "smores". (The mini-food ideas were all stolen from some American Girl party book featured on Many thanks to Ally for her party-planning help in this venture!)
Thanks, also, to my faithful assistant Ally for all of her help in assembling the doll-sized doughnut boxes...

...and to my friend Carolyn for her awesome Cricut abilities and paper donations! She whipped up the doughnut boxes, purses, and nametags in just a few days' notice. Because every girl (inanimate or otherwise) has to have a purse!

I haven't posted in a while because I was busy getting ready for this party, which included making these doll hats. Every party guest got to take one home with their purse and doughnuts. Because every girl (inanimate or otherwise) has to have a purse, doughnuts, and a hat, right?

When all of the guests arrived, we set them off on a treasure hunt. There were many happy first graders, eager to find and read the next clue!

Mandi found a clue on a door knob...

...Paige and Annika (not pictured) spotted the clue in the clock right away...

...Paige called Uncle Joey to find out the next clue...

...Caitlin found a clue under Mark's coat...

...and even Grandma got in on the fun!

At last the treasure was found in the freezer. The girls received candy watches and their doll friends received hats and purses. Because, as it cannot be stated enough, every girl (inanimate or otherwise) needs a hat, purse, doughnut box, and an edible watch!

All of our guests dined on sandwiches, cheese, grapes, chips, and birthday cake.

And we can't forget our little doll friends! Cakes all around! (Because every girl (inanimate or otherwise, needs birthday cake.)

Somewhere between lunch and present time, we had artsy-fartsy crafts time. We made doughnuts for our dolls out of Cheerios and messy melted chocolate.

(Because, do I need to even say it? every girl (inanimate or otherwise) needs chocolate.

Every little doll got a tiny Easter basket, which the girls decorated with flowers, fake grass, and other springtime decorations. (this picture was taken pre-party)

Meanwhile big sister Ally hid miniature Easter eggs (malted milk candies) all around the sunroom. Because every girl (inanimate or not) needs to have something to hunt!;)

Ava was proud to show off her finds!

And who can go on an Easter egg hunt without wearing their Easter Bonnet? Certainly not Cindy... or any of the other dolls present, for that matter!

After the party, Molly had the spa treatment courtesy of Grandma Engelke's handiwork(because every girl, inanimate or otherwise, needs to be pampered from time to time)!

Special thanks to both grandmas and our surprise guest Aunt Debby for making the trip over to help us with the festivities! I don't have a picture of it (because I was too busy hot-gluing with Ally), but Deb was especially helpful in the Easter basket- and bonnet-making departments. Thanks to all of our wonderful helpers. It really made our girls' day extra-special!

By the end of the party, I felt just like Cindy and Little Shae...wiped out! But it was a good feeling. (see the smiles on their faces?)

Because every girl, inanimate or otherwise, deserves to have a wonderful birthday celebration!
This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.--
Psalm 118:124


Blogger Astrid said...

Happy Birthday Paige and Shae!!!!

That birthday party was TOTALLY AWESOME! You (and Ally) did a fantastic job coming up with really cool ideas! (where's the hat? hoping you're writing a post on that clever idea!)

Now I need to find the Cricut cartridge that cuts those cute boxes! Sweet! :)

March 15, 2010 at 7:32 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

It was really fun. I usually think arts and crafts are a waste of time, but not for birthdays !

March 16, 2010 at 6:43 AM  

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