Monday, July 20, 2009

Wynne's World, Wynne's World... time...excellent!!
Ah, takes me back to my college years of watching Saturday Night Live. (Back when there was time, sleep wasn't a sacred commodity, and I actually watched TV once in a while.)
Not that our daughter reminds me anything of Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, although I suppose her hair DOES resemble Garth sometimes !!

As I uploaded pictures last night, I realized we had a very busy week that was all over the place (in terms of location, events, and company). I thought I would try to sum it up with my own take on how Wynne might tell it...
So here is "Wynne's World July 12-18, 2009."
Sunday: Church day! I like putting on a pretty dress and playing with my felt friends on the church pew. For about 2 minutes, anyway. Then we go to Tashners' house where Daddy is doing some yard work. Garrison (my cousin 2 months older than me) doesn't like sharing his toys, especially his jeep!

Garrison tries to get me to take the Cozy Coupe, but I like this one with the motor in it. (Who wants to use their feet when they can ride in style??) (Mom's note: Typical man. Backseat driver!!)

As you see, I get my way. (After all, I am the guest, aren't I?)

We go to some "Moving Wall" thing at the college. It is huge and people are very quiet and sad. Daddy tells us that these names are of all the people who died for us during a war. The flags are so pretty and the whole thing is huge. Bigger than I can understand!

Monday: Mom didn't take any pictures today. We went to t-ball and played "Pally" Pockets. I like to put lots of water in the playsets, but Mom doesn't like that!
Tuesday: Play date with Annika and Ava!! I love my Ava. She comes over to my house and we play dress up. I like being twins with her. We have lots of fun!!

More t-ball. I like talking with my friends. I make new friends everytime we go, especially babies. Go Chieftains!!

Thursday: We go to (Aunt)Debby's house. It takes a long, long time to get there but it is fun. They have lots of hills and Eli (Deb's grandson) plays with us. I like to help in the kitchen, and Debby has a neat can opener. She lets me open a can of beans. (Mom's note: We're in Norwegian country where baked beans are a required food at every meal. Right, Arlie??)

I LOVE babies. I get to meet my newest second cousin, Lilly. My cousin John and (his wife) Andrea had her. Andrea used to have a big belly, last time I saw her. Baby Lilly is a lot smaller than me, and she is very soft!

Uncle Arlie has a Ranger. It's a lot of fun! We go riding in the hills. They call them coulees. I have to sit down when it's running, dang it!

Friday: On our way back home, we drive through a really big town (LaCrosse) and stop at this wonderful park. (Myron-Hixon Eco-Park) The zoo is closed until next year when it will be bigger. But the playground is still open!! YAY!!!!

There are even rings just for me! I can reach them all by myself!

After we get home, I take a nap. I'm really tired from all this driving! Then we go to my Aunt Julie's birthday party. It's a surprise! I skip all of the good food and eat cake. Then I eat some more cake. Rheann holds me sometimes. I have lots of cousins.

Saturday: We go over to Grandma Jan's house for her birthday. I like baby Kierta. She is crawling and almost walking. I like to crawl with her!
Aunt Marin teaches me how to jump rope. (It's harder than it looks!)

That night we go to Uncle Dan and Aunt Tammie's house. Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper! There are some big fireworks. Claire and Catherine (more cousins!) watch them with us. They are the biggest, brightest, loudest fireworks I've ever seen!

I go night-night. Love, Wynne

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen. --2 Peter 3:18


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