Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cute Things They Say, Continued

Okay it took me almost a year to update - and this is a pretty measly update at that--but I thought I better get these down before I forget!

Overheard the past few weeks at our house:

-"Des" (yes) ...Wynne age 2, 2 1/2
-"You like it?" You lub (love) it??" ...Wynne age 2.5
-"grils" (girls)...Paige & Shae, age 4-present
-"Mom, you are thin as a whistle!" ...Paige, age 5 (I love this comment on so many different levels.)
and my personal favorite of the week:
-"Did Wynnie puke?" ...Paige, age 5, asking if our youngest was sick on her bedsheets because she saw me taking them out of the washer. (which proves how infrequently I wash bedding around here...BUSTED!!)


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